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iptables + conntrack + UDP

While UDP is connection-less, conntrack can track connections. Connections can be checked using apt install conntrack conntrack -L will show all connection states stores in conntrack. iptables on Docker Since Docker routes packets to virtual interfaces, input rules will not working as filters, use forward instead.

Cheatsheet do editor Hammer

3D View Z – to enter or leave mouselook mode 2D View Space – pan across a 2D view Map decompilation BSPSource

Testing Ansible template without running playbook


Interesting Linux finds

rdfind Cool little tool to deduplicate files using symlinks. mergerfs Union FUSE with lots of tools and pretty easy to work with. jdupes Fork of fdupes with new features and hardlink replacement.

Javascript: import/export vs require/exports

In order to show the differences between ESM and CommonJS, I’ll be using 2 different files, that export the same variables and values. esm.js cjs.js import * with ESM As expected, this will import the entire ./test module, not just the default value. The default export will be present as a property on the Module…
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My .tmux.conf

SSH Cheatsheet

Copiar nova chave SSH para um servidor

MySQL Cheatsheet


Aventuras do LG G2 e o LineageOS

Guia de instalação do LineageOS para o LG G2 Entrar no Recovery Mode do LG G2 Instalação do ADB Não usar o Bash for Windows, a expansão da shell causa alguns problemas com alguns caminhos dentro do celular. Sideloading parece evitar necessidade de realizar o push para o storage do celular. Open…
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Fixing CS:GO auto-updater.

This fix will work on “vanilla” CS:GO, since this is not a problem with OpenGamePanel itself, but the main scripts used to boot CS:GO. I used OGP here because that’s what I use to host my servers. Problem 1: A CS:GO server requesting for restart, but waiting for hibernation or changelevel. MasterRequestRestart Your server is…
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